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1914          Born in Warren, Minnesota

1932-34     St. Paul School of Art, MN (Studied under Cameron Booth and Leroy Turner)

1934-35    Art Student's League-Scholarship, NY (Studied under Vaclav Vytlacil)

1935-37     Employed by the Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project, Mural Division; New York, NY

1936         Mural for the Northrup Auditorium at University of Minnesota-WPA Federal Art Project

1937-38     Chicago Bauhaus, IL (Studied under LazloMaholy-Nagy and Alexander Archipemko)

1938-40     Hans Hoffman Summer School in Provincetown, MA

                Meets William Baziotes (shared an interest in automatist practices)

1938-39     Guggenheim Scholarship, NY (Baroness Hilla Rebay)

               Allowed Kamrowski to move to NY (May 1938-July 1939) received $100/month

1940         Muralist, Federal Art Project, New York City - signs up in the same unit as Jackson Pollock

1940-41     Collaborative Painting by Baziotes, Kamrowski and Pollock

1941          Meets Andre Breton - marked the beginning of his dedication to Surrealism

1942         Matta creates splinter group of American artists interested in abstract surrealism with Baziotes, Busa, Kamrowski, Motherwell & Pollock

            ** Matta abandons the group who keep in close contact and go on to become The New York School of Abstract Expressionists

1943         Married Marianna Fargione - Summer spent in Woodstock, NY

1943         VVV, no. 2-3 - published 2 drawings

1944         Lived in St. Mary's, GA during the winter, later returned to New York

               Kamrowski's son Felix is born

1945         Death of Marianna Fargione

1946         Relocates to Ann Arbor, MI - Appointed to the faculty at The University of Michigan

1948         Married Edith Dines (divorce 1962)

1949         Rackham Grant for study and research in Paris

               Katherine Bromley Award from the Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters

1950         Second son, Kirby born

1955         Participated in the International Surrealist Festival at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

1957         Sabbatical leave from U of M - traveled to Europe to survey contemporary painting with stays in Paris, Barcelona & London

1958         Organized the Hylozoist Group

1960         Rackham Grant to pursue painting on grids and domes

1961          University of Michigan Faculty Research Fellowship

1965         Marries Mary Jane Dodman

1971          Rackham Grant to explore mobile sculpture and windmills as an art form

1977         Heller Distinguished Professorship, University of Michigan

1982         Retires from the University of Michigan

2004       Dies at his home in Ann Arbor at the age of 90

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